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Our proprietary formula helps all dogs in different phases of their life. We like to break Happy Again dogs into 2 groups:

Younger Pups

Use Happy Again as a preventative! It can help keep your young dog’s joints elastic and cartilage strong maintaining their youth. Prolong their youth and keep their coat shiny.

Aging Dogs

If your dog is stiff getting up or seems reluctant to engage in normal activities or clearly already has severe arthritis or dysplasia, then Happy Again may be able to help.


Simply put, Happy Again is the best supplement for your dog at all ages.


Our founder is a biotech scientist specializing in cartilage tissue engineering. What does that mean you say?! Basically, she’s incredibly smart and, lucky for us, a super dog lover. She used her research in cartilage rebuilding to create the unique formula for Happy Again. It can help rebuild your dog’s cartilage, prolonging their youth and helping older dogs improve their mobility.

Your dog’s joints are primarily composed of collagen, which naturally deteriorates with age, often resulting in stiffness, joint pain, arthritis and hip dysplasia. Combining the highest-grade blend of collagen, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid and vitamins, Happy Again’s special formula can help to improve your dog’s life.


Using Happy Again as a preventative or to help your aging dog saves you money! Other leading products with fewer and less active ingredients and can cost your wallet hundreds of dollars more. Check out how much you’d spend to get just the same amount of collagen in Happy Again to leading competitors.


Your furry friend will never miss a day of their super Happy Again supplement. We conveniently ship it to you every 3 months to ensure your best friend stays healthy and happy forever.


I’m a biotech scientist – and dog lover – specializing in cartilage tissue engineering. My dog Tony loves to skateboard, and when he couldn’t skate anymore, my heart broke. I had to use my research to help him! I developed Happy Again and within two weeks of taking it, Tony was playing and skating again! I shared Happy Again with my friends and now it’s my life mission to help all dogs be healthy and happy!

Happy stories

“After just a few weeks of including Happy Again in her diet, Sunshine seems 3 years younger and she’s much more active. Stairs are easier for her now, and she’s quicker to stand up to greet guests and chase after food scraps.”

Sunshine (13 years)
Golden Retreiver

“The results were truly amazing!! Within a few short months, he was charging up and down the stairs at our house. Running down the beach, keeping up with dogs half his age. And the dreaded stand up after a long nap is now so much easier and less painful for him. Its like he’s a puppy again.”

Max (13 years)
Lab/Shepherd Mix

“The morning after using Happy Again, Trucker had a pep in his step. He was able to run to greet me at the door again! I am so happy and excited to see the change in him – truly a happy dog. You can actually see the difference in him if we skip a day of Happy Again. So grateful we now have this product.”

Trucker (15 years)
Mix to Mix Breed


Trust you’re giving your dog the best

We get it. Our dogs are not pets, they’re family. And we want to give them the best love and care that we can. That’s the promise we made when we brought them into our homes. Using Happy Again as a preventative or to help older dogs, gives dog parents the comfort that they’re taking the best care of their dog’s health.



Developed using the best of science and nature! Give your dog the best supplement.